Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Portugal Travel Diary // The Food

You know that I am a Foodie, so it is no secret that I like to enjoy great food even when on vacation. Food is actually even more important when away because you can discover amazing dishes and ingredients if you try local food. For me the Portuguese Pastel de Nata are not to be missed. 

Pastel de Nata are my favourite sweets. I started my day with them and sometimes even ended it. The crunchy pastries are filled with Vanilla cream which is so creamy and tasty. I love it.

But of course I did not just eat sweets. Since Portugal is on the coast they eat lots of fish and seafood. The restaurants get freshly caught fish daily and display it in a fridge where the customers select the fish they want.

The best fish I had was at Gigi which is located on Praia Quinta do Lago. You have to walk over a wooden bridge to get there but it is worth it. 

The food Gigi serves is authentic Portuguese, fresh and delicious. The photos speak for themselfs I guess.

Tiger Prawns with Lemon Garlic Sauce
The Prawns are amazing...

Sole with Veggies and Lemon Garlic Sauce

The Sole again...

Exotic Fruit Plate as a Dessert

GIGI Glasses with i-Fishes
This is my secret food tip when visiting the Algarve. Afterwards walk a few steps to the beach and chill out at Koko Beach Club.

Another nice spot to have lunch or dinner is Izzy's, a beach 
restaurant with lovely views, amazing sunsets, good food and pleasant white Sangria. A great place to spend hours because the atmosphere is relaxed and the people are very friendly. Go on sundays when they have a band, it has like a beach club vibe and you can even dance if you like. But now I will show you the food and the white Sangria.
White Sangria with Antipasti Carrots & Olives

Avocado & Shrimp Cocktail

A Portuguese Classic is the Seafood Cataplana

The Seafood Cataplana contains Clams, Prawns, Fish and Potatoes 

If you like a twist on portuguese classics and some more international dishes dine at Louro in the Conrad Algarve Ressort. They have the classics like Cataplana but also Sushi, Salads, Meat and Fish dishes.

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